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Anticoagulation news items. Week commencing 23rd March 2015

Association between brain imaging signs, early and late outcomes, and response to intravenous alteplase after acute ischaemic stroke in the third International Stroke Trial (IST-3): secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial

The Lancet Neurology

Pre-specified analysis (n=3017) found some early ischaemic and pre-existing signs are linked to reduced independence at 6 months and increased symptomatic intracranial haemorrhage. No interaction was noted between brain imaging signs and effects of alteplase on these outcomes.


Rivaroxaban for preventing adverse outcomes after acute management of acute coronary syndrome – guidance (TA 335)

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Rivaroxaban is recommended as an option within its marketing authorisation, in combination with aspirin plus clopidogrel or aspirin alone, for preventing atherothrombotic events in people who have had an acute coronary syndrome with elevated cardiac biomarkers.


Precision medicine to improve use of bleeding avoidance strategies and reduce bleeding in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: prospective cohort study before and after implementation of personalized bleeding risks

British Medical Journal

US data reported that pre-procedural risk stratification was associated with an increase in the uptake of bleeding avoidance strategies (bivalirudin, radial approach, and vascular closure devices) leading to a reduction in rates of bleeding, particularly among high risk patients.


Microbleeds, Mortality, and Stroke in Alzheimer Disease: The MISTRAL Study

JAMA Neurology

This longitudinal cohort study found that microbleeds in patients with Alzheimer disease increased the risk of CV events (non-lobar bleeds) and stroke (lobar bleeds) and related mortality – even higher risks for such events were found in patients using antithrombotics.



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