The optimal use of anticoagulant agents has provided clinicians with an ever-present challenge; ensuring an appropriate degree of anticoagulation, whilst minimising the risk of bleeding.


New oral anticoagulantsThe arrival of novel oral anticoagulants will help to overcome some of the inherent risks associated with anticoagulation therapy, but many of the challenges continue to remain, particularly around the optimal use of these agents, in the frail elderly population.


The King’s Anticoagulation Reference centre provides:

King's Thrombosis Centre - Consultancy

Consultative advice

Consultative advice on the optimal use of anticoagulant agents where uncertainty exist.

King's Thrombosis Centre - Guidelines

Anticoagulation guidelines

Template guidelines on anticoagulation therapy for others to adopt for local use.

DOAC monitoring

Anticoagulant monitoring service of the novel oral anticoagulant.

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