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Anticoagulation news items. Week commencing 28th April 2014

Anticoagulant treatment for subsegmental pulmonary embolism

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
There were no RCT evidence for the effectiveness and safety of anticoagulation therapy versus no intervention in patients with isolated or incidental subsegmental pulmonary embolism and therefore no conclusions can be drawn.


Perioperative management of patients on new oral anticoagulants

British Journal of Surgery
This review discusses monitoring of new oral anticoagulants, comparison with warfarin, discontinuation before and restarting after surgery, management of bleeding complications, and use for thromboprophylaxis after orthopaedic surgery.


Platelet transfusion infection: risk review

Department of Health
This report details the reasons why the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) does not currently recommend the introduction of pathogen inactivation of platelets for UK blood services.


European Medicines Agency recommends extension of dabigatran indications to include treatment of DVT and PE and prevention of recurrence

European Medicines Agency
The European CMHP has recommended the approval of dabigatran etexilate (Pradaxa®) for a new indication - the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE), and prevention of recurrent DVT and PE in adults.




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