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Anticoagulation news items. Week commencing 10th September 2018

Effect of apixaban compared with warfarin on coagulation markers in atrial fibrillation


Biomarker substudy (n=4850) suggests in situation without acute increased coagulation activity (e.g AF), apixaban reduces coagulation markers D-dimer and fragment 1+2  to lower degree vs. warfarin, which seems enough to protect against stroke without increasing bleeding risk.


Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease

New England Journal of Medicine

Review covers atopic diseases, COX-1 inhibitor reactions, medical history, prevalence, non-aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease, NSAID hypersensitivity, pathological and pharmacopathological features, medical/surgical treatment, aspirin (AS) desensitisation and AS treatment.


Anticoagulation for people with cancer and central venous catheters

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

This review (13 RCTs; n=3420) found moderate-certainty evidence that LMWH reduces catheter‐related venous thromboembolism (CR-VTE); evidence was inconclusive for LMWH effects on mortality and effects of vitamin K antagonists (VKA) on mortality or CR-VTE, and for LMWH versus VKA.



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