Monday, 12 August 2013 12:33

Population pharmacokinetics of enoxaparin during the antenatal period

King's Thrombosis Centre have published an article in CIRCULATION describing the development of a robust pharmacokinetic model of enoxaparin in pregnant women. At each monthly clinic visit, participants provided blood samples for assessment of anti-factor Xa activity in plasma at three time points—trough (the lowest concentration before the next dose), and 1 h and 3 h after enoxaparin injection. One hundred and twenty three patients contributed 795 anti-Xa activities for the modelling. Both enoxaparin clearance and volume of distribution were increased during pregnancy and the findings provide evidence for prescribing once daily enoxaparin for the treatment of antenatal VTE. The conclusion is that national and international guideline recommendations for enoxaparin dosing in pregnancy should be re-considered.


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