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Anticoagulation news items. Weeks commencing 14th September 2015

An Observational Study of the Factor Xa Inhibitors Rivaroxaban and Apixaban as Reported to Eight Poison Centers, Editor’s Capsule Summary

Annals of Emergency Medicine

Study (n=243) found bleeding after ingestion of Xa inhibitor is uncommon. Prothrombin time, APTT, or INR may be elevated in minority of cases but appears unreliable to measure bleeding risk. Massive acute ingestion in suicides may result in significant anticoagulation.


Incidence of cardiovascular events and gastrointestinal bleeding in patients receiving clopidogrel with and without proton pump inhibitors: an updated meta-analysis

Open Heart

Meta-analysis of 39 studies suggests that the controversial interaction between PPIs and clopidogrel seen in in-vitro studies has no clinical significance. Rather, patients on PPIs have higher burden of comorbidities and thus most likely have increased risk for adverse CV events.


FDA approves recombinant Factor VIII (Nuwiq®) for the treatment of Haemophilia A

Biospace Inc.

The FDA has approved Nuwiq® for the treatment of adults and children with Haemophilia A. This is the first B-domain deleted recombinant Factor VIII derived from a human cell-line, not chemically modified or fused with another protein, designed for the treatment of this population.


Combined oral contraceptives: the risk of myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Risk was only increased in women using COCs containing ≥ 50 µg of estrogen. When combined with results of studies on risk of venous thrombosis in COC users, it seems that the COC pill containing levonorgestrel and 30 µg of estrogen is safest oral form of hormonal contraception.



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