Sujal Desai

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Consultant Radiologist

Phone: 020 3299 3526

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Dr Sujal Desai is a consultant radiologist at King's College Hospital Foundation NHS Trust. Dr Desai trained in medicine at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School (University of London) and in radiology first at King's College Hospital and later at the Royal Brompton Hospital, where he was awarded an MD for his thesis in structural-functional relationships in fibrotic lung diseases. Dr Desai is a fellow both of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Radiologists. Dr Desai is the radiology lead for imaging of pulmonary diseases and haematological malignancies. Together with Dr Roopen Arya, Dr Desai was instrumental in establishing the King's College Hospital protocol for investigation of patients with suspected acute embolism and continues as the lead for imaging acute and chronic thromboembloic disease. In addition to his research interest in diffuse interstitial lung diseases, Dr Desai has an interest in pulmonary vascular disease in general and specifically in patients with sickle cell disease.